The Cattery

The cattery is purpose built using only top quality materials, all chalets are designed to keep your cat safe, relaxed and entertained.

Each chalet has individually heated private sleeping quarters and exercise areas complete with shelves and scratching posts.  There is also a high 'snug' area where your cat can retreat to and relax whilst observing all the comings and goings of the garden birds at the various feeding stations and bird baths.

We provide cosy cat beds with comfortable bedding as standard but we have no objections to you bringing along your own cat's blankets, brushes and toys etc - in fact we encourage it!  It will help your cat to settle in much quicker and easily with less stress into their new surroundings if they have familiar items from home around them.

We also appreciate that you will be interested in your cat's welfare whilst staying with us at the cattery and we are more than happy to receive emails, texts or telephone calls from you for their latest updates.

In the meantime, if you would like to meet us and check out our facilities before making a reservation then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a viewing of the cattery.  We are more than happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

We try to stock as wide a variety of different cat foods as possible, however if the food you feed your cat at home is not listed on our menu card, please let us know and we will try to accommodate such.  
A'la Cat Menu

WHISKAS in Fish or Meat
(Jelly, Gravy or Casserole)

FELIX in Fish or Meat
As Good as it Looks
Double Delicious

Mon Petit

SHEBA in Fish & Meat
(Jelly & Gravy)

Purina One - Chicken & Salmon
Iams  - Chicken & Tuna
Whiskas - Various Flavours
Go-Cat - Various Flavours

TUNA in Spring Water


We do not cater for specific breed or prescription diets, this will need to be provided by yourself.  

Please ensure that sufficient quantities are provided for the duration of your cat's stay with us at the cattery.

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